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Moonshine Dragons cancelled

Dragonesses and Dragonsit’s become a Lotto merry-go-round covid-19 routine à la polonaise. We’re in lockdown. The museums are closed once again until April the 9th.With a big sorrow I’m forced to cancel the Moonshine Party #2. Of all the factors being realistic and responsible leads the way followed by the required time frame.It’s just not going to work. Bare in mind the party needs space, which is not an issue per se but Lotto keeps playing its numbers without any foreseeable quantity. We do respect your views and appreciate your interest, many of you would join the party from abroad, we can’t let any harm to happen to any of you, hence my decision to switch MD2021 to MD2022.As the currents plans were concerned the grand opening of the Museum on April the 1st was meant to overshine the party cancellation. However it is what it is. But there is one bright side of things. You know me well, I always look for and find one, lol. The last weekend of May, when or MD2021 was meant to be held, we’ll organize the Museum on-line tour, even when it’s locked down. You’ll watch on-line demos, you’ll participate in some sort of house-welcoming party. Should all go as planned we’ll organize a big live on-line party for up to 150 people (But it WILL NOT be Moonshine Dragons. It will simply be live from the museum.), my Google Suite Meets (or whatever it’s called) is able to connect so many of you. More details to come as I need to run some live party trials. So, martini vodka? Stirred or shaken?

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