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1voct – new form of music compo

Attention Musicians, attention Dragons

Before the long weekend in Poland, we present news about the event. I have a crazy idea for a new MusicJam competition for the Moonshine Dragons party. The competition will be carried out on equipment designed and produced by Duddie/Quartet: The competition will take place if Duddie will fly to us from Hong Kong, where he lives. If this succeeds, we will meet Duddy again. He will bring several copies of this device. By the way, the rest of the Quartet will probably come to us, because why not 😉. The competition will start from Friday (May 24, 2024), you will be able to write a music using this magic box until the deadline. The time to write the music will be determined at the event depending on the number of participants and the number of available devices. So, the first ever special compo will take place at the Moonshine Dragons party, in which musicians will compete with productions made during the event. What do you say?

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