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Prizes on the compo start to come, they start to make, to create. If everything goes well and there is no other way out, we hope to surprise you again with something special. Made by hand, only as an award in MD 2021 compo πŸ™‚ But about it later, when the idea and the award itself will take real shape. Today we are showing a very thematic award, psychedelic art… 200x150cm

Latest news

We have the main theme for MD2021

It’s kind of fun to see how creative people come with the ideas when there’s a named theme for compo, event, demo, picture, etc. So we decided that Moonshine Dragons party 2021 will have theme too to help you all creative people use your imagination again. The theme we’d like to see you creations share is this year:

Psychedelic Experience

Of course, dragons and moonshine still apply. But it’s even better if you can combine all in one production πŸ˜‰

The theme is just a suggestion and is not a mandatory for entries to take part in the compos. We will think of some small souvenirs though for entries that best exploit the “psychedelic experience” theme.

Go! Start creating! And be creative!